Frantoio sociale A collaborative research base project between Studio GISTO and Hund Studio, an investigation into the potential of demolition as a design field of action exploring alternative practices of transformation and re-circulation of materials through workshops, events and dialogues

GISTO Font A playful project born from the will to develop a typographic system to represent GISTO identity. The process was divided into various phases. The characters were first drawn and hand-stamped on marble boards by Goga Mason using a muriatic acid treatment. The resulting bas-relief was used as a stamp in a series of prints with varying amounts of ink. The black traces were then acquired by scanning and digitized, trying to enhance the imprecision and randomness of the development process. All this to make a new special font that you can download for free and use in your computer!

Multiplo Multiplo is a book that we presented at the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2019. The purpose of this publication is to present and develop new ways of collaboration between creative professionals and craftsmen, promoting possible alternative production systems starting from our practice and experience in the field of circular economy